90 Seconds to Stress Relief

90 Seconds to Relieve Stress

To really understand stress we have to go back several thousand years.  We are designed to survive and have evolved with the ability to fight or flee in threatening situations.  In dangerous situations, when a threat is perceived, cortisol and adrenaline are released by our body and thus activating the sympathetic side of our autonomic nervous system. Three systems in our body are affected.  These three systems are important in our survival.

1st   digestion is suppressed: the blood rushes from the internal organs to the large muscle groups to facilitate fighting or fleeing.  2nd the immune system becomes suppressed because it is not needed yet, until after an injury.

3rd reproduction is suppressed for obvious reasons.

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons for our survival as a species.  We need to be able to perceive a threat and respond accordingly.  We need to respond in those threatening situations and think about how to do better next time when we are out of danger.  The blood supply to our brain is actually shunted away from our prefrontal cortex and thinking becomes difficult.  Our subconscious mind, where all behavior stems from, does not have the ability to discern fact from fantasy.  In other words, we can imagine a threat; such as ‘I have to do well on this test/exam or I will not pass this class,’ (i.e. our survival is threatened) and our body responds in the same way as if we were being chased by a bear!  Our bodies are designed to handle acute or short term threats.  However, when fight or flight is drawn out for days or maybe even weeks without a technique to allow us to recover, our bodies begin to suffer.

Now think of the information readily available on stress and its effect on our bodies.  You see, stress really is a long term fight or flight situation.  In our more primitive state, we would fight, or flee from, our predators.  Either way, some of us would survive, and some would parish.  The truth is after the fight we would go back to our village and recuperate.  Recuperation entails the activation of the Para-sympathetic side of our nervous system.  Hypnosis activates the Para-sympathetic side of our nervous system.  This is a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

This is how the two compare:  Fight or Flight                               Stress

Immune system suppressed                 x                                                  x

Digestive system suppress                    x                                                   x

(Digestive issues today)

Reproduction suppressed                     x                                                   x

(Fertility Issues today)

Our Subconscious mind, where all behavior comes from does not have the ability to discern fact from fantasy.  We become vulnerable to attacks whether real or imagined.  Television news and other graphic television or movies can have as detrimental effect on our bodies as being chased by that proverbial bear, because of the violence we witness.

Hypnosis is absolutely the best stress relief there is, once you learn how to use your mind to relieve stress, you can use it anytime you want.

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Paige Wacker, CMS-CHt., NLPP


90 Seconds to Relief

1)   Place your hand on your belly button

2)   Unhinge your jaw

3)   Let your tongue float in your mouth

4)   Moisten your mouth

5)   Close your eyes

6)   And breathe into your hand…..counting your breaths (optimum count is 10 to 12 breaths)

7)   Do this for 90 Seconds and  feel and enjoy the relaxation

8)    Optional:  Imagine yourself in your perfect place to relax  (a beach or mountain meadow or garden perhaps)