The 8 Rules of the Mind

The 8 Rules of the Mind

These “RULES” are at the cornerstone of any good training about the human mind and how it functions.  No single source seems to be the origin of them and for the most part they have become a fundamental precept of change work.

RULE 1 – Every thought or Idea Causes a Physical Reaction.

Monday morning is a killer! The evidence supports this…there are more heart attacks and suicides on Mondays before noon than any other time in the week.  Why?  Because people go back to work on Monday thinking how bad their job is! The reality is that the job is the same Tuesday through Friday.  The only difference is in the thought of the job.

The immune system, blood pressure, pulse, stomach acid, and many other measurable facets of the body reflect and respond to changes in thoughts.  A happy thought and a smile literally produces more serotonin, (the feel good chemical) in our brains.

RULE 2 – What is expected tends to be realized.

This proves true the statement in the Bible at Proverbs 23:7 “…As a man thinks in his heart, so is he…”  The brain and the nervous system respond to mental images.  It does not matter whether the image is self-induced or from the external world.  Real or imagined….the mind and nervous system respond the same.  The mental image formed becomes the blueprint and the subconscious mind uses every means at its disposal to carry out the plan.

RULE 3 – Imagination Is More Powerful Than Knowledge and Reason.

This quote is attributed to the great Albert Einstein.  Reason is easily overruled by the imagination.  This explains why people do unreasonable things in their lives, and why they are blind to their own superstitions, prejudices, and limiting beliefs.

It also explains how positive change takes place.  We can use our imaginations to form new images and remove or amend old ones.

RULE 4 – Once and Idea Has Been Accepted by the Subconscious Mind, It Remains until It is Replaced by another Idea, And the Longer the Idea Remains, the More Opposition There is to Replacing It With a New Idea.

In the same way that in the dark ages mankind believed the earth was flat, and that a ship would sail off the edge of the world after a certain distance, our outdated ideas continue to drive our behavior today.  Old superstitions and beliefs can limit us in many ways.  During the Renaissance several mathematicians calculated the earth to be round and were ridiculed for the idea.  Then when the sailing ships did not drop off the edge of the earth, we began to believe a different story.  With hypnosis, we advance new ideas to replace old ideas, and then with reinforcement our behavior really does change for the better.

RULE 5- Each Suggestion Acted Upon Creates Less Opposition To Successive Suggestions.

As in the earth is flat scenario, when the first sailor returned one by one the others started to explore what was out there.

Our minds are much the same; once we find out we can change a small thought we are able to move to more complex thought change.

RULE 6 – Opposing Ideas Cannot be Held at One and the Same Time.

Mark Twain in his book Huckleberry Finn made the statement “I can’t live a lie.”  The young man in the book was at odds with himself, and could not get on with life until the “lie” was resolved.

We accept many things as true during our formative years and those are not always the truth.  Sooner or later this has its effect upon one’s thoughts processes and their nervous system.  With hypnosis, we assist our clients to get rid of the “lies” in their lives.  “And the truth shall set them free.”

RULE 7 – An Emotionally Induced Symptom Tends to Cause Organic Change if Persisted in Long Enough.

Reputable medical authorities understand that more than 70 percent of human ailments are functional, rather than organic.  This means that the function of an organ or other part of the body has been disturbed by the reaction of the nervous system to negative ideas held in the subconscious mind.  So if a person lives in fear of ill health and constantly talks about what is wrong with them, in time organic change must occur because of the inseparable mind-body.

Organic change can be positive as we learn to use our minds to create it.

RULE 8 – When Dealing with the Subconscious Mind and Its Functions, the Greater the Conscious Effort, the Lower the Subconscious Response.

The subconscious mind accepts thought and experiences without judgment, so it takes everything literally.  This deep reservoir is not subject to “forced” quick and easy change.

With hypnosis, quick and easy change is possible because if we just “relax and let it happen” our subconscious mind will take control and change our behavior.  Willpower is simply, “the method or methods we develop to hold ourselves from our desires.”  Disguised as “Making myself do something I don’t really want to do.”  This is not really productive in the long run.

However, developing a positive mental attitude and expectancy that solutions are available and our problems can and will be solved! – HypnoPaige

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90 Seconds to Stress Relief

90 Seconds to Relieve Stress

To really understand stress we have to go back several thousand years.  We are designed to survive and have evolved with the ability to fight or flee in threatening situations.  In dangerous situations, when a threat is perceived, cortisol and adrenaline are released by our body and thus activating the sympathetic side of our autonomic nervous system. Three systems in our body are affected.  These three systems are important in our survival.

1st   digestion is suppressed: the blood rushes from the internal organs to the large muscle groups to facilitate fighting or fleeing.  2nd the immune system becomes suppressed because it is not needed yet, until after an injury.

3rd reproduction is suppressed for obvious reasons.

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons for our survival as a species.  We need to be able to perceive a threat and respond accordingly.  We need to respond in those threatening situations and think about how to do better next time when we are out of danger.  The blood supply to our brain is actually shunted away from our prefrontal cortex and thinking becomes difficult.  Our subconscious mind, where all behavior stems from, does not have the ability to discern fact from fantasy.  In other words, we can imagine a threat; such as ‘I have to do well on this test/exam or I will not pass this class,’ (i.e. our survival is threatened) and our body responds in the same way as if we were being chased by a bear!  Our bodies are designed to handle acute or short term threats.  However, when fight or flight is drawn out for days or maybe even weeks without a technique to allow us to recover, our bodies begin to suffer.

Now think of the information readily available on stress and its effect on our bodies.  You see, stress really is a long term fight or flight situation.  In our more primitive state, we would fight, or flee from, our predators.  Either way, some of us would survive, and some would parish.  The truth is after the fight we would go back to our village and recuperate.  Recuperation entails the activation of the Para-sympathetic side of our nervous system.  Hypnosis activates the Para-sympathetic side of our nervous system.  This is a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

This is how the two compare:  Fight or Flight                               Stress

Immune system suppressed                 x                                                  x

Digestive system suppress                    x                                                   x

(Digestive issues today)

Reproduction suppressed                     x                                                   x

(Fertility Issues today)

Our Subconscious mind, where all behavior comes from does not have the ability to discern fact from fantasy.  We become vulnerable to attacks whether real or imagined.  Television news and other graphic television or movies can have as detrimental effect on our bodies as being chased by that proverbial bear, because of the violence we witness.

Hypnosis is absolutely the best stress relief there is, once you learn how to use your mind to relieve stress, you can use it anytime you want.

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90 Seconds to Relief

1)   Place your hand on your belly button

2)   Unhinge your jaw

3)   Let your tongue float in your mouth

4)   Moisten your mouth

5)   Close your eyes

6)   And breathe into your hand…..counting your breaths (optimum count is 10 to 12 breaths)

7)   Do this for 90 Seconds and  feel and enjoy the relaxation

8)    Optional:  Imagine yourself in your perfect place to relax  (a beach or mountain meadow or garden perhaps)

Hypnosis and Visualization

This value of imagery in sports is widely acknowledged.  The contribution of hypnosis to enhancing athletes’ performance is also recognized, but the value of hypnosis in enhancing imagery has little recognition.  The reason for this neglect is explored.  The study used Martens’ Sport Imagery Questionnaire, which asked the participants to image 4 different situations in their own sport — practicing alone, practicing in front of others, watching a teammate, and competing.  Participants reported their subjective impressions of vividness on four dimensions — visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and affective.  The 14 athletes participating imaged each situation in and out of hypnosis — half of the time the imagery in hypnosis came first and half after.  The participants reported that the imagery under hypnosis was more intense for each dimension and more intense for each situation.   Whether the imagery was done under hypnosis first or after was not significant.  The findings suggest that hypnosis substantially enhances intensity and effectiveness.

from:  Enhancing imagery through hypnosis : a performance aid for athletes

by: DR Liggett : Am J Clinical Hypnosis 2000 Oct;43(2): 149-57


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